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I.N.mate e-mails sent to Intrinsic Nature

April 29, 2018

Hi I love your music. I love your mails. - What else can I say?

Sharon Howell

May 29, 2017

Since my first visit here to your page at Number One Music, I like the music.
I became a fan of your music and I will be back to hear it all again.
This comment is my promise!
Blessings! Tim

May 06, 2017

I can listen to your music all day! Great work here!

David Schlichter

April 16, 2017

Hi! Random surfing brought me to your Number One Music page, your music will bring me back.


April 15, 2017

Droppin by to show some love! Great tracks and a lot of amazin talent! Best of luck and keep on KILLING IT!!!


April 15, 2017

At The Top - Gritty, honest and powerful. You feel it in your bones, the instrumentals are fantastic and the song is sure to stay in your mind for the rest of the day. You'll definitely appreciate this song even more after a few listens... A great song by a great band!  

Elsie Yu

April 01, 2017

Great sound!! I am listenning to your tunes and really like it :) Just a moment ago I enjoyed listening to At The Top.

Good luck with your music. Wolfgang

November 30, 2016

Hi!!! I very much enjoyed your music and wish you the best in all that you do.

Brooks Ervin

November 30, 2016

Diggin Eyes That Flicker today. A great tune. 
Paul Fulton

November 30, 2016

hi Guys!!!

you exceeded my expectations and did an awesome job performing your songs. I do hope to hear more soon...

Tessa Biles

November 23, 2016

Awsome music. Your soul really shines through your music. Your tunes are brilliant.
I will definitely be spreading your website around and purchasing your music.

Take care and please keep making your music,

Nancy Mendenhall

August 31, 2016

Stumbled across your band on Number One Music a while ago, and just wanted to say that I am really enjoying your music!  In fact, after next payday I plan to download your entire album.

I hope you are well.

Kendra Hanke

August 28, 2016

Hi, your songs are really tight and you already have the bigtime sound, great listening! 2012 is my favorite:).

Edmond Easley

August 25, 2016

I'm in love with your music. Everything about you is amazing.

Hannah Briggs

August 22, 2016

Guys!! I've been listening to many bands lately on the Number One Music website, but your music has impressed me very much. I think I'm going to listen to you guys every single day

I'll spread the word about your band on my social networks.

Happy happy!!! Joy!! joy!!

P.S. I've got goosebumps when I listen to 2012.

Sterling Nagy

August 13, 2016

Great sounding songs here guys!

Joesph Hummel

July 27, 2016

Guys, just listened to Gothic Sun. This is one of the best records of all-time! I'm gonna listen to this repeatedly! Awesome!!

Martin Roush

June 13, 2016

One word sums up the creativity, style, and music...AMAZING!!!!!! :) 

Denise Partridge

May 09, 2016

Hi, I absolutely love listening to your music!


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